The Position of Christ- from David to the Exile

In our study of Matthew’s genealogy, so far, we have discovered that Matthew had a very particular purpose and wrote in an order, including specific information to accomplish that purpose. His gospel is not necessarily chronological, nor is it intended to include every detail of Christ’s life and ministry. In the previous session, we discovered... Continue Reading →


The Work of Christ- from Abraham to David

In the previous session, we discovered that Matthew clarifies Jesus as the Messiah. This meant that Jesus was the completion of all creation. All of history and everything happening now and everything that will be done in the future forever finds its consummation in the bodily life of Jesus Christ (particularly as fulfilled in the... Continue Reading →

What is the Christian Faith? Part 3

Today I want to do some trivia. Below you will find a statement that is sometimes taught as coming from Scripture and we are going to find out whether or not the statement actually represents Scripture well. __________________ __________________ “God helps those who help themselves.” This is actually from Aesop’s Fable, “Hercules and the... Continue Reading →

Is Jesus the Messiah? ( John 1:38-51)

            In 2013, there was an event held in which two atheist scholars posited that Jesus of Nazareth did not exist within history and that the entire Christian religion was a ruse designed by the Roman government in order to control the Jewish people. While this is a stretch concerning what we know of the... Continue Reading →

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