Do You Believe in the Real Jesus?

Do you know the real Jesus? I remember in the last church we served in (I served as an interim pastor), one of the ‘deacons,’ claimed to know Jesus. His brother was a pastor. He served as a deacon in a couple different churches. He knew his stuff. One Sunday night during Bible study,... Continue Reading →


Christ’s Eternal Nature

Darkness and light. We could think about the differences. Darkness obscures while light distinguishes. Darkness hides while light reveals. We relate darkness with cold and light with warmth. In the darkness we can hide our imperfections but we don't know where we are stepping. It's impossible to move forward and to grow more mature. In... Continue Reading →

Is Jesus the Messiah? ( John 1:38-51)

            In 2013, there was an event held in which two atheist scholars posited that Jesus of Nazareth did not exist within history and that the entire Christian religion was a ruse designed by the Roman government in order to control the Jewish people. While this is a stretch concerning what we know of the... Continue Reading →

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