Preston Smith Invocation: why is it foolish to say there is no God?

            I stepped into the room, eager to take care of the city’s business. When I saw the name of the man giving the invocation on the agenda, I was quite surprised. The man was a known activist for the cause of atheism, and I wondered what business he had praying at a town meeting.... Continue Reading →


If Adam Had Perfect Reason, How Could He Choose Against God?

My thoughts, as of late, revolve around this question. We, as a western culture, place so much value on human reason and in the rational facilities of the educated. In Genesis 3, we read a story of a man who knew God and learned all things from God. Before the Fall and the curse of... Continue Reading →

Is Criticism a God Given Right?

Because of a conversation I had recently with someone who felt it necessary to criticize my thoughts regarding a certain subject, I thought I would challenge not only Christians, but also non-Christians, concerning the act of criticism in western culture today. Do we have a right to criticize others and to what degree? What does... Continue Reading →

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