Should Churches Participate In Formal Denominations?

Denominations within orthodox Christianity exist primarily because people disagree on the person and/or work of Jesus Christ. They don’t disagree about small things. Denominations make formal doctrinal statements concerning the authority of God in salvation and the responsibility of people. They make statements about the essential nature of the person and about whether salvation is... Continue Reading →


Should the local church plan outreach? Why?

As we discovered last week, personal evangelism is worked out by God. God works together the circumstances of our lives so that, in those circumstances, His Gospel will be placed in front of the people as a testimony of Him through us. This is the very reason God works together persecution specifically. We are sent... Continue Reading →

Should We Take Up Offering At Church?

Should the local church take up offerings? The passing of the offering plate is part of the liturgy (order of service) in many local churches. Many have also done away with the offering time. Most of the reasoning behind removing the offering time seems to be that churches don’t want guests to be pressured or... Continue Reading →

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