Seek Understanding

I love to cook. Sunday for Koinonia (a Greek word meaning fellowship) at TCATS, I made some jalapeño poppers! What I like about jalapeño poppers is that the peppers are a canvas on which I get to craft a (hopefully wonderful) combination of flavors. To do so, I have to understand the way that flavors... Continue Reading →


What is the Christian Faith? Part 3

Today I want to do some trivia. Below you will find a statement that is sometimes taught as coming from Scripture and we are going to find out whether or not the statement actually represents Scripture well. __________________ __________________ “God helps those who help themselves.” This is actually from Aesop’s Fable, “Hercules and the... Continue Reading →

Childish Hatred Mistaken For Defending What Is Right?

An old man poked his head up over the fence on a Saturday morning to observe his neighbor’s yard. “What kind of man,” he thought to himself, “lets his yard get so filthy?” He observed toy trucks and baseball gloves and the grass was taller than it should have been; it would come up to... Continue Reading →

Do you ever have trouble figuring out what God wants from you?

            This question is one that seems to haunt everyone I know who has a relationship with Christ. Of course, following Christ means that we do what He leads us to do. Sometimes, though, it is difficult to know exactly what God wants in any given situation or even concerning... Continue Reading →

On Insulting the Intelligence of Man…

From the roaring comments of those like Richard Dawkins and the Neo Atheists[1] to the great dissatisfaction we find in our pulpits, it seems as though in today’s society, the intellectual elite constantly insults the intelligence of his fellow man. While those like Dawkins find it necessary to attack maliciously the well thought out beliefs... Continue Reading →

No One is Capable of Understanding

            Some time ago I very facetiously wrote a brief “philosophy of philosophy”[1] and, in the presented argument, suggested that doing philosophy meant nothing without God. My younger brother, Nolan, replied to my ‘argument’ and, I must say, he replied very well.[2] He came to the same conclusion, only changing the... Continue Reading →

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