Empowering of the Holy Spirit

Over the previous two weeks, we have been thinking together about the identity of God as Father and Son. We have seen, in Scripture, that the trinitarian existence of God is no new concept. Even the earliest of human religion recognized the single creator-God and the work of the Son. We saw that both the... Continue Reading →


True Prosperity

In the last month, my wife and I were sitting in a Bible study for young adults and an illustration was made by the group leader. As part of his illustration, he asked if anyone ever knew anybody who naturally did well in school, getting A’s without even trying. Immediately my wife looked at me... Continue Reading →

What is the Point of Discipleship?

Genuine discipleship seems to be virtually lost in the organized church today. We have many lessons, sermons, classes, conferences, revivals, rallies, concerts, and camps; but genuine humbling and honest discipleship is absent. Most people are not growing more mature in the faith. Relationships with Christ are not deepening. Unity is more and more a rarity.... Continue Reading →

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